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Mineral Springs & Salt

BioGuard's Mineral Springs® & Salt for Coventry, Cranston, North Kingstown, & Surrounding Areas

Perfect for frequent travelers or vacation-takers. This system uses easy to apply minerals and an automatic device to produce chlorine so there is no need to manually add chlorine again. Beginnings® A blend of minerals added to pool water at start-up Renewal® Replenishes mineral levels, keeping the water soft and clear.

Saltwater pools are favored for their simpler and gentler approach to pool care, but they do have some unique needs when compared to traditional chlorine pools. BioGuard offers two unique pool care programs that enhance the saltwater experience.

Look to a Certified Salt Pool Expert

A Certified Salt Pool Expert has been trained to understand exactly what is needed to keep a salt pool performing at peak condition. They also understand why you chose a salt pool in the first place and will work hard to maintain your satisfaction with that choice.

Mineral Springs & Salt Mineral Springs®

The Mineral Springs® Program

The Mineral Springs system utilizes easy-to-apply minerals and a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer. It takes only five minutes a week to maintain – in fact, once you’ve begun the system, you only have to add the Renewal® product once a week. That’s it!

BioGuard's Mineral Springs Program Is Ideal For:

  • Pools equipped with any chlorine generator
  • Frequent travelers or vacation-takers
  • Those looking for the luxuries of a mineral pool
  • Pools of any size or surface

Two easy steps!

Beginnings®– A proprietary blend of minerals added to pool water at start-up

Renewal®– Replenish mineral levels and adjust pH, keeping water soft and clear


Stain and Scale– Stain and Scale protects your pool and equipment from scale formation

Mineral Springs & Salt Mineral Springs®
Mineral Springs & Salt SaltScapes®

The SaltScapes® Saltwater Pool Care System

SaltScapes Saltwater Pool Care System was designed specifically for saltwater pools and provides everything you need to keep your saltwater sparkling and protect your equipment and pool surfaces. It adds the basic prevention and remedy solutions that saline generators require with an eye to keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

BioGuard SaltScapes Saltwater Pool Care System Is Ideal For:

  • Those looking for "salt-specific" products intended for use in saltwater pools only
  • Easy maintenance and treatment of salt pool needs
  • Pools equipped with any chlorine generator and pools of any size or surface
Mineral Springs & Salt SaltScapes®

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