Owning a pool or hot tub is a big responsibility – but with The Pool Doctor of Rhode Island, it doesn’t have to be.

The most important part of pool and hot tub ownership should be enjoying your time in the water. That is why we have a talented and fully-trained team of experienced service technicians to alleviate the stress that can come with maintaining and servicing a pool and hot tub.

Pool & Hot Tub Features & Add-Ons

  • Save yourself several hours each month on cleaning and maintenance
  • Potentially costly and significant issues can be spotted sooner by regularly having an experienced pool tech on-site
  • Receive knowledgeable advice to enhance the experience of pool and hot tub ownership

Our company offers a variety of pool and hot tub maintenance and servicing options, including pool openings and closings, equipment servicing, pool updates, and weekly maintenance packages and more. 

We invite you to contact The Pool Doctor of Rhode Island at your convenience to discuss remodeling your pool or setting up a maintenance routine that works best for you.