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Nothing but the Best for Your Swimming Pool

As an expert in Pool & Spa Care and an Authorized BioGuard Dealer, the Pool Doctor of Rhode Island is able to offer time-proven Pool & Spa Care Systems. Whether you are a new or existing pool or spa owner, we are sure that we can show you how to make pool or spa care simple and less expensive – while the water stays sparkling. Our professional computerized water analysis system uses the latest technology, enabling us to provide the most accurate and advanced water test available. It’s almost like having a doctor for your pool!

Whether you’re a new pool owner or an experienced one, we’ll turn you into the neighborhood pool expert in no time.

Have a question or would like more information on how BioGuard products can help you enjoy your pool, contact The Pool Doctor today.

3-Step Pool Care System®

We think pool care should be easy and with our 3-Step Care System, it is just that. Keep your pool sparkling clear by following three easy steps. Great for busy pools with busy pool owners. This system just takes minutes of your time, only once a week! That’s minutes, instead of hours, to keep your pool water crystal clear and brilliant.

BioGuard’s Once-A-Week 3-Step Pool Care System is great for:

  • Busy pool owners that want crystal clear water
  • Above-ground and in-ground pools
  • Pump circulation 10 to 24 hours per day
  • Any surface type or size
  • Pools that use skimmer chlorination or a chlorinator

Step 1: Sanitize with Smart SilkGuard® Complete™ Sticks or Tabs to keep the pool water sanitized and velvety soft.
Step 2: Shock/Oxidize weekly to keep pool water sparkling clear with Smart Shock®
Step 3: Prevent and kill algae before it starts with Algae Complete™, BackUp® 2 or Algae All 60®