The allure of hot tubs pretty much speaks for itself, but some people might still be hesitant to make the investment in their health and well-being. So, in case you know someone who might need a little persuading, here are six great reasons that hot tubs are awesome and make a smart addition to your backyard, patio, deck, or any outdoor living space.


1. Hot Tubs Add Fun and Relaxation

The roar of the jets. The soft, enveloping sensation of warm water immersing you in comfort and relaxation. The playful splashing and the deep sighs of relief. All of these are a natural part of experiencing the fun and relaxation hot tubs have to offer. You’ll have something to look forward to every day when you have a hot tub waiting at home.


2. Hot Tubs Are A Beautiful Focal Point

Having a beautiful outdoor space is a reward unto itself, but sometimes they can lack function and feel incomplete. All the pretty landscaping and even a gorgeous deck can feel like pathways to something else, not a destination.

That’s where a hot tub comes in. Hot tubs can anchor the focus of your outdoor space and give outdoor areas new meaning and purpose. Patio designs and landscaping can be designed around the hot tub, creating an inviting and gorgeous getaway that actually is one of your favorite destinations.


3. Hot Tubs Bring People Outside

Even with a great-looking yard or outdoor space, you might find that you and your family still don’t spend much time outside. So that backyard you’ve put a lot of time and money into isn’t getting a lot of use.

Add a hot tub and your family will be outside all the time. That’s good not only because you’re using more of the property you’re paying for, but also because simply being outside is good for your health and well-being. More and more we seem to be spending most of our time indoors. A hot tub will bring people outside.


4. Hot Tubs Are Therapeutic

Melt away stress, muscle tension, and even ease arthritis or joint pain just by sitting in a hot tub. Warm water therapy, massaging jets, and buoyancy combine to create a bevy of hot tub health benefits, from increased blood circulation to managing the toll everyday stress takes on our bodies  A long day of work, working out, or a sore back from cleaning the garage can be remedied by a soothing dip in your own personal, bubbling therapeutic oasis.


5. Hot Tubs Can Be Used Year Round

Even in the summer, hot tubs can provide a soothing and relaxing escape from everyday life. Simply lower the temperature and it becomes a bubbling brook to cool you off after a long, hot day. It’s not too cold either. You’re in control and can adjust it to the perfect setting. Of course, even when the temperatures are hot in the middle of the day, cool summer nights are perfect hot tub nights.


6. Hot Tubs Are Very Affordable

There’s a hot tub for every budget. At the Pool Doctor of Rhode Island, we have a great selection of Dimension One Spas for every price range. All of them will make an incredible addition to your home. For over 40 years, Dimension One Spas have been premium hot tubs that are affordable and easy to own. Contact us today to learn more!



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From installing vinyl liner inground swimming pools to selling gorgeous Dimension One hot tubs to offering free water-testing and professional service in their store, The Pool Doctor of Rhode Island is your place for everything pool and spa. They are a proud BioGuard Platinum Dealer and also offer a huge selection of other brands of swimming pool and hot tub supplies, including Loop-Loc Pool Safety Covers, above ground pools, and Hayward equipment. But, more than anything, The Pool Doctor of Rhode Island strives to give their customers a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

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