Technology is constantly evolving, and that’s no different in the pool and spa industry. While pool ownership continues to grow at an accelerating rate, those who have had a pool may find themselves falling behind the times when it comes to their pool equipment. While the cost of energy usage related to your pool depends on a number of factors, one of the main ones is your pool equipment. Using outdated or less energy-efficient pool equipment will affect your monthly energy bill profusely. 

As the cost of living continues to increase, now’s the perfect time to give your pool a money-saving energy makeover. Not only can you take advantage of the tips below to help make your pool more energy-efficient, you’ll also start reaping the benefits financially!

1. Switch to a Variable-Speed Pump

Pool pumps typically operate at high speeds for a few hours daily to provide a high flow rate for mixing and cleaning. However, most of the time, they just need to circulate the water through the filtration systems which can be done at lower flow rates. These variable-speed pumps can reduce energy use by up to 70%, as opposed to their single-speed counterparts since they can operate at lower speeds for several hours. 

Other than saving energy, they can also reduce the noise level, improve the effectiveness of the filtration system, and even extend the life of other pool equipment. All these will eventually lead to large savings for pool owners. 

2. Upgrade to an Energy-Efficient Heat Pump or Solar Heater

If you heat your pool, you’re probably spending a lot of money to do it. A great way to keep costs down is by switching to an energy-efficient pool heater. Traditional electric pool heaters consume a lot of energy for the amount of heat produced. However, energy-efficient heat pumps and solar heaters are efficient choices, as they can significantly reduce your pool’s operating costs and environmental footprint.

3. Install a Pool Cover

Pool covers are among the most efficient ways to keep the heat in and decrease your energy bills. Solar pool covers specifically can reduce your energy bills further. By absorbing or reflecting sunlight, they heat the water of your pool. It’s as simple as covering the pool, taking it off when you want to swim, and enjoying all the savings. 

4. Switch to LED Pool Lighting

Lighting transforms your pool and creates a welcoming environment for relaxation and fun. But with traditional halogen lights using far more energy and exuding a lot more heat, it’s time for a change. Switch to LED lighting to enjoy cooler, energy-efficient, and longer-lasting lights. LED pool lights are not only much more energy-efficient, but they also last almost ten times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. 

5. Invest in Robotic Vacuums or Cleaners

Robotic vacuums or cleaners are another great way to reduce your energy costs when it comes to regular pool maintenance. Having clean water is always essential, but cleaning a pool manually can be extremely time-consuming for busy homeowners. Robotic cleaners are designed to operate off of a low amount of voltage while continuously and effectively keeping your pool clean of contaminants that can harm your pool or require you to increase your chemical usage. 

6. Energy-Efficient Filters and Plumbing

Your pool’s pump and filter work together to remove heavy dirt and debris that could potentially cause severe damage to the equipment in your pool. When properly maintained and programmed, a pump can decrease your pool’s energy use by 75 percent or more. This is why it’s so important to invest in an energy-efficient pump and filter for your pool! 

Your Coventry Pool Care Experts

By optimizing your pool’s energy efficiency and equipment, you can save a lot of money. Pool ownership is a big investment, and even more so if you’re using outdated equipment. If it’s time to retrofit your pool with today’s money-saving technology, give the pool care experts at The Pool Doctor a call today. Or stop by our pool supply store in Coventry to see the large selection of energy-efficient pool equipment from the top manufacturers we have available.


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