When you look out at your pool, you want to see clear blue inviting water. There’s nothing worse than seeing cloudy growth or noticing algae on the stairs or walls of your swimming pool. Algae is unattractive and, over time, can feed bacteria that may affect your health. That’s why dealing with algae and preventing it from growing in your pool is essential.

What can you do to prevent algae growth? Here are some tips you can use today.

Various Kinds of Algae

While most homeowners are familiar with common green algae, that isn’t the only threat to your pool. In some areas, small-celled yellow algae can get through your pool filter, or hard-to-treat black algae can form in your skimmers. 

The fact is algae are always in the pool and blooms when the conditions are just right. So while you can’t necessarily keep it from existing, the focus is to prevent algae from taking hold and growing and treat and remove it if you find it.

Keep Your Filters Cleaned

Having high-quality filters and keeping them clean and in good shape is the first step to preventing algae growth in your pool. When your filters get clogged, the flow of water slows, which gives algae a chance to attach to surfaces in your pool.

Filters can also catch debris that grows algae itself, so it’s important not to go too long between cleanings for your filter. Keep an eye on your filter pressure gauge, so you know when it’s time to take action.

Monitor and Balance Pool pH and Chlorine

The pH of your pool should be between 7.4 and 7.6. When it is, the other chemical elements of your pool will stay in balance as well. That means the chlorine will be effective at sanitizing the pool and keeping algae at bay.

At the same time, keep your chlorine level at 2 ppm so that you have enough to either kill algae or keep algae growth low between algaecide treatments. If you use the pool often, test the chlorine once a day. 

Brush Your Pool Often

Algae take hold when they can attach to the surfaces of your pool and begin to grow. Brush the walls, floor, steps, and even hard-to-reach areas once a week. Brushing breaks up algae formations and helps make your chlorine or bromine more effective.

Pay special attention to areas with cracks, crevices, or shaded areas. Don’t forget the inside of your skimmers, either! 

Keep Lawn Fertilizer Away From the Pool

If you need to fertilize your grass near the pool, be sure to put a pool cover on first. If fertilizer gets into your pool, it can cause significant algae blooms because nitrogen is a natural food for these spores. 

If you struggle with algae in your pool, check the drainage of your property. Runoff from your yard may be entering your pool, bringing fertilizer with it.

Your Coventry Pool Service Experts

Pool algae are annoying, but you can prevent them by taking the steps above. A clean and attractive pool invites you to enjoy it all season long. If you have questions about pool treatment and maintenance, let us help. Give the pool service experts at The Pool Doctor a call today or stop into our pool supply store in Coventry anytime to talk to us about your pool care needs.

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From installing vinyl liner inground swimming pools to selling gorgeous Dimension One hot tubs to offering free water-testing and professional service in their store, The Pool Doctor of Rhode Island is your place for everything pool and spa. They are a proud BioGuard Platinum Dealer and also offer a huge selection of other brands of swimming pool and hot tub supplies, including Loop-Loc Pool Safety Covers, above ground pools, and Hayward equipment. But, more than anything, The Pool Doctor of Rhode Island strives to give their customers a wonderful experience from beginning to end. 

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