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Health Benefits from Using a Hot Tub

It is common knowledge that getting hydrated is the key to fast recovery when sick. But most hot tub owners are not aware of the added benefits their hot tubs can provide aside from relaxation. “The Doctor’s”, an Emmy award-winning show by CBS covering issues on health and wellness, disclosed that a hot tub can provide extensive and irrefutable benefits.

From relieving congestion to getting much-needed restful sleep, a hot tub can provide countless ways to bring comfort.

Here are some instances wherein the usefulness of a hot tub is shown when it comes to promoting good health:

Getting Rid of Nasty Viruses

You probably do not know that with the heat from your hot tub you can “induce” a slight fever at the first sign of a cold to help your body defeat the virus sooner. It may sound strange but fevers can actually be good for your body when you’re sick. According to Ron Eccles, director of Cardiff University’s Common Cold Centre, “Very high temperatures can stop the cold virus in the nose from reproducing, thus, killing the cold.” The reason behind is, a low -grade “fever” provided by a hot tub can boost your immune system, helping you eliminate harmful germs and viruses, the same way the fever you naturally experience when you have a cold or flu acts as a defense mechanism to rid your system of the virus.

Reduces Aches and Pains

Hot tub owners can attest how the powerful combo of water heat and jet massage can instantly relieve the body from aches and pains we come upon every day. It offers a type of relief that taking pain killers can’t always provide. That is why at the onset of a cold or flu, hot tub owners do not hesitate to walk to their backyards to take a dip for fast and enduring relief from bodily aches and pains caused by the flu. Sitting in a hot also increases blood circulation and relaxes your muscles.

Relief from Congestion

When you are suffering terrible, persistent nasal congestion which makes it hard for you to breathe, eat or sleep normally, you can find relief by simply quickly taking a dip in your own hot tub. As you sit in the hot water, the heated, steam-filled air quickly enters your nasal passage, helping swollen membranes to shrink, letting you breathe easily and normally.

Get Your Much Needed Sleep

When we are sick, getting good sleep is very hard, depriving your body it’s much-needed rest in order to heal quickly. But if you consider how sitting in a hot tub help you relax, de-stress and induce much-needed sleep when you are well, then it would be only easy to realize how a quick dip in a hot tub can help you get the rest your body needs to heal. Your body responds the same way it would during meditation or other relaxed states when you are soaking in a hot tub. And your body temperature decrease when you get out of the water, thus bringing on natural feelings of sleepiness. You will sleep better for a longer period of time and you will recover faster.