Here accuracy counts and we have it! The ALEX water test from BioGuard is fast and much more accurate than a simple dip of a test strip at poolside or a self-driven analysis using a computer or mobile application. That’s because we test for several parameters beyond the basics to understand how they may be influencing each other in order to avoid trial and error. Being right the first time saves you time and money.

On top of that, as a certified BioGuard Platinum Dealer, we’ve been trained and certified to offer the best solutions. We can walk you through the results and are happy to explain anything you might have questions about. Our recommendations will be sound based upon the way you care for your pool, plus the accumulated knowledge of all your previous ALEX water tests.

Our goal is that you will not only be satisfied with the performance results, but that you gain confidence in the products and advice you receive.


Why do I need to test my pool water?

Water testing is important to achieve and maintain a safer swimmer environment. Water chemistry can be quite complex with all the different factors.

For example, if your water is out of balance or your pH isn’t in the right range it can cause problems, such as equipment damage and swimmer discomfort. Balanced water also contributes to the effectiveness of other products so it is an important start to your water care regimen.


How often should I get my pool water tested?

Along with opening and closing your pool, in season it is recommended to test your pool water every four weeks. The amount of use and environmental factors can easily change water conditions and staying on top of things will prevent issues that may prove troublesome to correct if neglected.


Why is the system called ALEX?

ALEX stands for analysis expert, which is who we are. So if you have any questions about keeping your pool water crystal clear, soft, and comfortable, contact us or just come by with a water sample. Trust The Pool Doctor of Rhode Island for the right advice and the best pool care products.

Blog post adapted from: https://www.bioguard.com/pool-answers/pool-care-basics/alex-water-testing The Pool Doctor of Rhode Island is a proud BioGuard Platinum Dealer.