If you’re on the market for a hot tub, the first question you probably asked yourself was, “Well, how much does a hot tub cost?”.

The answer? It depends.

Unlike some products which have a predictable price tag, hot tub pricing varies widely. Let’s take a look at some of the factors affecting hot tub pricing as well as what you can expect to pay for hot tubs at different points of the hot tub pricing spectrum.


Hot Tub Cost Is Affected by Quality

This is one that everyone can expect: the overall quality of the tub will have a major impact on its cost. The higher quality the components, the more you can expect to pay for your tub in the short term (though this may also end up being a better long-term investment).


Hot Tub Cost Is Affected by Engineering

Just like purchasing a high-end European vehicle is going to set you back more than a domestic economy car, the engineering that goes into your tub will have a major impact on its cost.


Hot Tub Cost Is Affected by Features

Choose a no-frills tub and you can expect to save a lot on your hot tub. The more features you add – and the quality of those features – the more you can expect the price to increase.


Hot Tub Cost Is Affected by Size

The larger the tub, the more materials are needed for its construction. Smaller tubs are also generally less expensive to operate than larger tubs as they require less energy, water and chemicals to maintain.


What to Expect from a Range of Hot Tubs

You may be wondering what kind of features you can expect from hot tubs at various price points. Here’s a general rundown of what you can expect to get from your investment:


1. Entry-Level Hot Tubs

Coming in at a $3,000 price point, entry-level hot tubs are fairly lightweight, come with limited features (such as standard jets and seating), and tend to be made of plastic rather than acrylic.

This type of tub can usually be plugged in rather than hardwired to your property’s electrical panel, making it ideal for those on a budget or anyone who thinks they may be moving in the next 5 to 10 years. It won’t give you the premium hot tub experience, but the warm water and jets will still relax and soothe the body and the mind.


2. Value-Level Hot Tubs

Slightly more advanced are value-level hot tubs priced at $4,000 to $7,000. Here is where you’ll start to see those slick acrylic shells and faux-wood skirts.


3. Premium Hot Tubs

Premium hot tubs can cost upwards of $9,000, and as those who own these tubs will likely tell you, it’s well worth the expense.

Hot tubs in this range are of better quality, engineering and design, and they offer superior features. They are usually more eco-friendly, more energy efficient, and have the capacity to last for well over a decade when properly cared for.

Another nice perk: a lot of these hot tubs offer easy yet more effective maintenance systems that will keep your hot tub water clean, clear, and healthier for you and your loved ones.


4. Luxury Hot Tubs

Requiring an investment of $10,000 or more, luxury hot tubs are the creme de la creme of the hot tub world.

What can you expect from a luxury hot tub? Loads of features like waterfalls, audio features, and automation. You’ll also get cutting-edge construction and components, customized jets with added hydrotherapy options, and you can expect easy maintenance.

These hot tubs are the most innovative models on the market, hence they’re higher than average price. What you have to consider is whether you need these features, how long you plan on owning the tub, and when you may want to upgrade to a newer model.


Try Before You Buy at The Pool Doctor RI

Even the right hot tub for your budget may turn out to be a total bust if you aren’t able to test it out first!

That’s why we at The Pool Doctor invite anyone interested in our selection of hot tubs to come on in for a test soak. Get cozy, try out the features, and speak to one of our helpful hot tub experts to learn more about how we can find the right hot tub for your needs and budget.

Contact us online or head on down to our showroom in Coventry for your test soak today!



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